As a 4th generation diamantaire, we have always been blessed. As GD Birla once said, “You have received a lot of wealth and good resources. If these are used to serve others, then, of course, such resources will become useful. If not, they will become a devil’s weapon.” We have taken that to heart and believe our goal should be to help the society that has helped us. We give 20% of our profits to Jaipur Foot, the world’s leading artificial limb provider, so each dollar you spend with us goes into helping someone in need. In addition, through our trusts, we try to match the contribution each year. What costs tens of thousands of dollars in the United States, Jaipur Foot manufacturers it for around $70 and provides it at no charge. Seeing the joy of restoring someone’s dignity as they can walk again is something that can’t be expressed.

A little about BMVSS

  • Over 1.90 million beneficiaries of BMVSS fitted / provided with Jaipur Foot / limb, calipers, and aids and appliances, mostly in India and also in 33 countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America.
  • All artificial limbs and other aids and appliances given totally free of charge.
  • Rapid fitment — limbs, aids, etc generally fitted in one to three days. Below-knee amputees can sit, run, squat, climb, walk and swim. Many of the functions can be performed by above-knee amputees as well.
  • Teamed up with Standford, MIT, and other leading institutions to make sure the best is provided to the individuals